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Business Breakfast with Foxway

Date 1 March 2024 Add to calendar
Time 09:30-11:30
Venue Residence of the Ambassador of Sweden to Portugal
Rua de São Bernardo, 110 - 1esq
Location 1200-824 Lisboa
Fee Free

 Business Breakfast with Foxway

Managing carbon reductions and de-growth challenges in a hyper-consumerism society - How circular tech can give the answer.

It is time for our first Business Breakfast of 2024! On March 1st, CLS together with the Embassy of Sweden in Lisbon and Foxway will arrange a Business Breakfast. 

During the morning, Stefan Nilsson, Chief Sustainability and Strategy Officer, Foxway, will provide us with solutions on how we can manage carbon reductions and de-growth challenges in a hyper-consumerism society through circular tech. 

Note that this is an invite-only event due to limited seats. 

If you got a personal invitation, make sure to RSVP to by latest February 22.

If you have not received an invitation, please show your interest by contacting

About Stefan Nilsson

Stefan is unfortunately a “white, reasonably well off, 50+ successful CIS man with 7 kids” (usually a perfect blame and hate object) but this has not always been the case. Raising his teenagers bi weekly by himself as a, at that time, cash-less entrepreneur living for >10 years in a 50m2 rebuilt bicycle storage with his 4 sons In 2010 he started up the embryo of the success story Foxway from scratch evolving the organization with other co founders and PE investors to an almost 2000 engaged circularity company with engaged advocates trying to make a real impact in the market and the world.

Foxway is trying to create a culture and energy to prove that its possible to consume less, live better and be happier with a basic lifestyle valuing nature, culture and a sustainable lifestyle. Stefan is now trying to give back to society with engagement, and studies in ethics, climate, de-growth and sustainability. He refuses to contribute to green-washing and is 24/7 fighting the baseline of observing ESG or sustainability as a compliance part of a business.

As Chief Sustainability Officer he also managed to include the new ESRS / CSRD framework into the strategy as well as the upcoming climate strategy expected by stakeholders. What does it take to include Science based target into a business? How to set a target and believe in it? Is it even possible?


H.E Elisabeth Eklund
Ambassador of Sweden to Portugal

Embassy of Sweden in Lisbon

Elin Berglie

Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

Stefan Nilsson


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