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Date 7 September 2022 Add to calendar
Time 18:30-21:00
Venue Götheborg of Sweden
Cais Rocha Conde de Óbidos
Location Lisbon
Fee 55 €

September 7, CLS together with our Swedish corporate partners are inviting you in our community, to an unforgettable evening in the sunset on board of the ship Götheborg of Sweden, where you will get guidance, meet n greet with the captain and some Swedish tastes and beverages at this trade symbol of Sweden. 

The Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, celebrates 40 years during 2022!

In the fall of 1982, a group of gentlemen from 5 of the largest Swedish entities on the Portuguese market by the time, gathered to create a networking hub for the Swedish-Portuguese business community. Throughout the years, Swedish presence in Portugal grew and today, we can gladly say that Portugal is on top of Swedish companies minds when talking about tech hubs, global stepping stone or global meeting points.

While the Swedish presence in Portugal has grown, so has the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, who today is proud to be an active facilitator and gateway for business and trade between Sweden and Portugal, a well-known networking hub for the SE-PT community – and even as a small organisation, we are led by a diverse group of leaders (7 women and 6 men) of the age between 30 to 80, from various sectors and backgrounds.

Counting with our community, CLS entails more than 100 members from both countries, from start-ups and scale ups to global leaders, creating a well balanced mix that spurs innovation and creativity within our community.

Early September, the ship Götheborg of Sweden will make a stopover in Lisbon and we could not have been more excited knowing this will happen during the year we celebrate 40 years of facilitating trade between Sweden and Portugal. Götheborg of Sweden is the world's largest, active, ocean-going, wooden sailing ship and has been an important symbol of Swedish trade history. 

A celebration in collaboration with:

the Swedish Portuguese Chamber of Commerce
Business Sweden
Embassy of Sweden in Lisbon
SEB banking
Atlas Copco Portugal
Securitas Portugal

in partnership with

Anticimex Portugal
AstraZeneca Portugal
Fantastic Frank
IKEA Portugal
Mancini Properties
Mercator Portugal Mäklarna
QueensLab Portugal
Volvo Portugal
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