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CLS Webinar: Making sense of the Swedes and the Portuguese

Date 9 June 2020 Add to calendar
Time 09:00 - 10:15 (GMT)
Venue Zoom
Fee Free

Sweden and Portugal have longstanding relations. Almost 380 years of diplomatic relations and probably more than 1000 years of trade. In the last decade Portuguese and Swedes have started to discover each other's countries and cultures and an increasing number of people have decided to relocate to the other country. But what is it like to move from Sweden to Portugal or vice versa? In this webinar, we will share experiences of working professionals who made this journey. 

To commemorate the Swedish and Portuguese national days the CLS, together with our members Speaking Of, will host a webinar to discuss Swedishness and Portugueseness. What is life like for a Swede living and working in Portugal and contrariwise? Where do they find common ground and where do they experience cultural differences?

We will discuss the personal experiences of our panelists and also take a look at what associations that exist about Portugal in Sweden and what significance the countries' nation brand holds.

To start off this discussion we are honored to have the Ambassador of Sweden to Portugal, Helena Pilsas, and the Ambassador of Portugal to Sweden, Henrique Silveira Borges, sharing some of their own experiences of living and working in the other country. 


Carlos Moura
Carlos Moura
AICEP Portugal Global

Trade commissioner and Economic and Commercial counselor at AICEP Portugal Global and is located in Stockholm since 2016. Before working in trade promotion he worked with Human Resources. Has previously been stationed in several markets internationally. 

Caroline Falkhorn
Caroline Falkhorn

Manager within Deals at PwC and a Board Member of the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. She was previously working with Business Sweden in Portugal and as Country Manager at Aurora Innovation Portugal. She is currently located in Stockholm but maintains many links to Portugal.   

Claudia Domingues
Claudia Domingues
IKEA Portugal

Communication Manager at IKEA Portugal with a background is in Advertizement and Marketing. Claudia is Portuguese, has two daughters, and is very curious about Sweden and Scandinavia. At IKEA she has worked closely to communicate the Swedish identity of IKEA in the Portuguese market.

Sergio Guimaraes
Sergio Guimaraes

Sergio Guimaraes is a Stockholm based Swedish-Portuguese communication specialist and Founder/Director of the communications and PR agency, Speaking Of. Sergio holds both nationalities, speaks both languages, and has a love for intercultural and effective communication. 

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