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Sweden at BizFeira 2019

Date 17 October 2019 Add to calendar
Time 09:00-19:00
Venue Santa Maria de Feira
Location Santa Maria de Feira
Fee 75 €

The main mission of the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate business relations between Sweden and Portugal and to serve as a gateway for companies operating between the two markets. In our continuous work to identify opportunities to strengthen our bilateral trade relations, we werehonoured to participate in Bizfeira 2019, as we believe this event opened up for many interesting B2B meetings.

BizFeira is a one day event which seeks to promote the know-how and top-of-the-range products from national and foreign entrepreneurs, individuals and groups, entrepreneurs belonging to the Portuguese Diaspora, emigrants and immigrants, people residing in Feira or anywhere else in the world, all those that feel that Santa Maria da Feira is part of their life.

The theme of this year is the "Future of Work", focusing on the many developments and challenges in today's work-life. The Future of Work is a very relevant topic in the framework of economic and social development, which is why it has been increasingly receiving attention in its reflections and debates.

The challenges of technological development, the digitalization phenomenon and the implications for manufacturing and services processes, changes in consumption and even cultural habits will have significant repercussions on existing and upcoming job typologies. Understanding the aspirations and needs of those involved in this process - technological disruption - is fundamental to implement new forms of collaboration and connections between people and intelligent machines.

For our Swedish Corporate Members, CLS offers you to join the Sweden Showcase at Bizfeira and be part of the Swedish leading brands exposed. Participation includes:

  • -Access to the Swedish Showcase area incl. possibility to bring marketing material and roll-ups
  • Coordination by CLS
  • Networking promotion support
  • Facilitation of business meetings (B2B)
  • Mentioning your company by the Ambassador of Sweden in the opening statement
  • Have your own LCD screen to promote your brand (extra fee of €150)

Reserve your spot by to join Sweden Showcase at Bizfeira today!

See you there!

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