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Webinar Simplex Urbanístico & Alojamento Local - Latest legal, tax and financial developments

Date 9 April 2024 Add to calendar
Time 11:30-12:30
Venue Microsoft Teams meeting
Fee Free

WEBINAR: Simplex Urbanístico & Alojamento Local
- Latest legal, tax, and financial developments

The Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce invites you all to join us for the webinar Simplex Urbanístico & Alojamento Local - Latest legal, tax, and financial developments. The webinar is in collaboration with our members, Millenium BCP and Sérvulo & Associados. Listen to our expert speakers when they provide us with the latest developments in urban planning and local accommodation from legal, tax, and financial perspectives. 

Topics that will be covered: 
Sérvulo & Associados

  • Main changes to simplify urban planning law and AL regime.
  • The impact of the Licensing reform on the financing of building purchases.
  • Impact of the Simplex Urbanístico on IMT exemptions and capital gains.
  • Tax regime for AL, namely the new Extraordinary Contribution on AL.

 Millennium BCP

  • Real Estate from a banking perspective – an updated overview.
  • Millennium BCP risk appetite.
  • Real Estate financing models.

Participation is free but subject to registration. The webinar will be held in English.
The Webinar will have a Q&A session. If you already have questions that you wish to be covered, we welcome you to send these by email to

Stay updated and don't miss out on this webinar!


Peter Billton
Board member

Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

João Branco
Director - Corporate Banking

Millennium bcp

Teresa Pala Schwalbach
Tax Partner. Head of the Scandinavian Desk.

Sérvulo & Associados

Manuel Henriques
Consultant Real Estate, Tourism and Urban Planning

Sérvulo & Associados


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