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A warm welcome to the CLS community, Swissquote Bank Europe

3 April 2024

Introducing our newest member, Swissquote Bank Europe, Luxembourg’s leading online bank for private and institutional investors. CLS spoke to Cecilia Quirke, Senior Relationship and Sales Manager at Swissquote Bank Europe, to learn more about the company.

Cecilia Quirke joined Swissquote Bank Europe in October 2023, but she is no stranger to CLS having previously been involved with the chamber. Born near Gothenburg in Sweden, Cecilia moved to Luxembourg in 1999 after completing her studies in international economics at the University of Karlstad in Sweden. She spent almost her entire professional career in the Luxembourg financial sector, including 10 years within the life insurance industry. Cecilia speaks fluent Swedish, English and German. During her free time, she enjoys playing padel and golf. Her favourite holiday destination is the Algarve.

Tell us about Swissquote Bank Europe? What’s the Swedish connection?

Swissquote Bank Europe, the EU bank of the Swissquote Group has been at the forefront of digital investing for over 20 years. It was founded in 2001 as Internaxx Bank, a joint venture between BGL and the Toronto Dominion Bank.

Swissquote Bank Europe offers investors multi-currency banking services and access to a wide universe of investment products. Over the years, the bank has become a popular choice for expats from around the world, including many Swedish nationals who have settled in Portugal, for its digital ease of access and attractive fees.

What kind of clients do you attract?

Many of our clients are expats who move to a new country but still want to manage their finances abroad. In certain parts of the world it is complicated, or even impossible, to own a bank account unless you are a resident in that country. With Swissquote Bank Europe, you can benefit from Luxembourg’s triple-AAA rated financial centre renowned for investor protection, regardless of where you reside. The bank has the added benefit of offering multi-currency accounts, meaning you can manage your money in 22 different currencies from a single account. We also provide institutional solutions for wealth managers, financial advisors and corporate treasures who can benefit from our real-time trading platform and optimize their custody costs.

What are Swissquote Bank Europe’s plans in Portugal?

Sweden was one of the first adopters of online banking and many Swedish people continue to bank online today. Swedes residing in Portugal often seek online banking solutions, whether it is to put savings aside, invest in capital markets or prepare for retirement. The ability to manage Swedish krona, euros and US dollars from a single account is a key advantage for many of our Swedish clients. Portugal is becoming an attractive destination to combine business and leisure, and Swissquote Bank Europe is well placed to cater to the needs of the expats and enable them to ‘own their financial future’.   


Cecilia Quirke
Senior Sales & Relationship Manager

Swissquote Bank Europe

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