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A warm welcome to Velv!

25 April 2023

A warm welcome to our new CLS member Velv! - A dynamic and diverse company with 180 talents delivering oustanding results to clients worlwide. We are very happy to have you in our community. Learn more about Velv below. 

Velv is a top-tier nearshore services firm that specializes in software development. With a strong focus on quality, Velv provides an invaluable extension to IT teams, delivering exceptional results through dynamic service models adapted to different project needs. Velv is also excellent at building software development teams for clients struggling to hire talent or seeking more flexibility in their IT departments. Our culture is crafted by the talent of our engineers who make us a creative, inspiring, inclusive, and diverse company.

Founded in 2017 under the name OnRising, the company grew rapidly in its first year, allowing for the creation of several departments such as software development and cybersecurity. With the success of Velv's nearshore services, we decided to unify all of our brands under one name: Velv, and put even more focus on international expansion. Currently, with offices in Lisbon, Porto, and Brazil, our brilliant teams of 180 people deliver outstanding results to clients in countries such as Sweden (including Gothenburg and Stockholm), Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, the USA, and more.

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