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31 January 2024

The Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to begin the new year by introducing a new member to the CLS community. Vivid Earth will contribute with new competencies by being the only member offering sustainability consultancy.

A warm welcome to Vivid Earth!

Dear Members of The Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce,

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Vivid Earth to the CLS!

Vivid Earth is a business strategy and sustainability realization consultancy that partners with organizations to create and incorporate sustainable business models, practices, and mindsets. Our main goal is to enable companies to succeed in becoming future-fit, creating long-term value for all stakeholders (planet included).

We see the next decade as the defining moment of our time, and we recognize the challenges that many organizations face in making this transition towards a new economic environment, especially with newly enacted regulations in Europe such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the EU Taxonomy.  We strive to advise and guide organizations through this important transition in an authentic way, regardless of where they may be in the sustainability journey.

Our approach emphasizes a comprehensive transition towards becoming net positive in four key aspects of business: operations, products and services, organization and culture, and value chain ecosystem. We support the transition of these business areas via the following solution offerings:

Sustainability Vision & Strategy: Embed sustainability & ESG strategies into your core corporate strategy for greater outcomes.

Governance & Leadership: Prepare the organization to successfully lead the required change and successfully manage risks and opportunities by creating the right organizational structure, policies, business processes, and data management across functions.

Sustainability Execution & Impact Realization: Gain momentum towards key material environmental, social, and governance issues for the company by prioritizing the right initiatives, designing solutions, and activating and getting buy-in from key stakeholders.

Reporting & Disclosure: Build the know-how and deliver on the increasing assurance requirements in emerging sustainability reporting (CSRD, EU Taxonomy, IFRS), coupled with in-depth know-how of the steps required to transition the organization into enhanced reporting standards.


We recognize that an organization’s needs and opportunities to become more sustainable can vary greatly depending on its industry, sector, region of operations, size, sustainability maturity, supply chain structure, ownership structure, investor profile, and many more factors.  As such, we pay careful attention to these and other factors to help prioritize and create a strategic execution roadmap with choices that maximize benefits for all stakeholders.

We’re excited to join the community and meet you via the various events that the CLS hosts.  Most of our team members are in Lisbon, and we have team members in Stockholm as well.  We look forward to collaborating to collectively foster a more sustainable and resilient future for businesses across borders!


Kind regards,

Founder & Managing Partner

an article written by

Laszlo Kismarton
Founder & Managing Partner

Vivid Earth

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