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An inspiring morning with Ambassador Lennart Killander Larsson, Ericsson, and Nors Group

1 June 2023

On May 18th, the CLS together with Sweden's Ambassador to Angola, Lennart Killander Larsson, organized a Business Breakfast under the theme: The Ties Between Sweden and Angola via Portugal. The respective countries have longstanding relationships which we got to hear more about, as well as the current trade- and cross-industry collaborations, and opportunities in the Angolan market. 


Ambassador Lennart Killander Larsson and CLS President, Jennifer Ekström opened the breakfast by giving a general overview of the history and current relationship between Sweden, Portugal, and Angola.

Swedish exports to Angola have increased remarkably in recent years and for many Swedish brands, Portugal has been the stepping stone to market access due to e.g., language, cultural, and geographical aspects. Ambassador Lennart Killander Larsson is fond of matching Angolan interests with Swedish offers in industries such as transport & infrastructure, telecommunication, and energy.

Moreover, we were delighted to have Emidio Santos from Ericsson and Tomás Jervell from Nors Group joining us on this occasion. They both shared best practices, experiences, and challenges from their respective expansions and furthermore operations in Angola. Our participants from various businesses and industries were able to ask questions and interact with our speakers and each other.

Ambassador Lennart Killander Larsson, CLS President Jennifer Ekström, CEO Nors Group Tomás Jervell and Key account from Ericsson Emídio Santos

The CLS extends a great thank you to Ambassador Lennart Killander Larsson, Emidio Santos, Tomas Jervell, and naturally all participants for a great and inspiring morning together.

We look foward to strenghtening the ties betwen Sweden and Angola, via Portugal as a natural stepping stone to global markets. 


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