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Digital platform for improved patient contact growing in portugal

28 September 2020

Aurora Innovation is a company specialized in communication between patients and healthcare professionals, it was founded in Sweden in 1996. Aurora teleQ is a digital platform developed by Aurora Innovation that helps the health sector to gain control of all calls. It ensures that each call is answered, improving the patients experience and confidence when knowing that they will be contacted within a reasonable time.

The platform is suitable for any type of health unit, such as Primary Care Health Centers, External consultation services or any kind of hospital department that needs to communicate with patients.

Aurora teleQ is a cloud developed software, that provides the complete structure that respects all health care requirements. With the "callback" function at a specific time, the patient will know the exact time at which he/she will be contacted by the Health unit, allowing the patient to continue with their daily lives without waiting on the phone.

Aurora teleQ has other functions such as Call Queue, chat, SMS, e-mail and video conferencing, which makes the platform a unique and necessary tool to organize all communication between the Health unit and the patients.

The system is easy and intuitive, in addition, it proves the managers with various reports on what is happening in his/her health unit. All incoming calls are organized and monitored on the computer on a single screen, allowing the manager and administrator to monitor the situation in real time.

Based on our experience, we know that many hospitals and health centers suffer (it would be better "are penalized by") with missed calls, such as when a patient  wants to call to make or modify an appointment.

This generates a lot of frustration, both for patients and for administrators and administrative staff from the Hospitals. With the Aurora teleQ platform, the employees responsible for answering calls can observe the achievement of results by increasing patient satisfaction, which contributes to making them feel that their work is done more efficiently.

What are the immediate results when using Aurora teleQ? Patients obtain, above all, a better image of the hospital or health center, as being more professional, more efficient and in which they can trust because they will be contacted. On the other hand, employees see their work easier, with more quality and less stress levels.

Interested in getting to know more about Aurora Innovations solutions for your healthcare unit? 

Phone: +351 960 318 228

Marta Alvarez de Toledo
Country Director Iberia

Maria Pettersson
Head of Business Development Iberia

Aurora Innovation

Aurora Innovation
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