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30 November 2023

During the Web Summit, we met up with CLS member, Velv, to hear more about the company and their engagement on Web Summit.

Velv is a leading nearshore company specializing in software development and focused on delivering high-quality nearshore teams through a dynamic service. Read the full interview below. 

With an innovative and playful booth as well as engaged employees, Velv had eventful days during this year's Web Summit. Despite their popularity and busyness, Nuno Godinho and Carolina Sobral from Velv took their time for an interview and provided us with the best hidden gems in Lisbon, as a part of their booth activity. Except for the hidden gems Velv also entertained the Web Summit visitors with face detection technology, showing the "real" reason why they were at Web Summit. Apparently, the Web Summit visitors mostly came for food, wine, pastel de nata, or surfing. 

What kind of clients do you work with? 

"We are currently working with companies from almost all of Northern Europe, including Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, etc. We are now working with all kinds of clients: From startups and scaleups to large corporations like Google and Unilever." 

- Nuno Godinho, Chief Information Officer

 Could you describe the team behind Velv? 

"We usually say that talent does not have a passport. Our diverse team consists of talents from Portugal, Brazil, African countries, as well as Eastern Europe. The team is mostly based in Portugal, but our written internal communication is in English." 

 - Nuno Godinho, Chief Information Officer

"To promote cultural exchange we organize specific meetings twice a month for our team members to share a presentation about their origin and their culture. Except for the multiculturality, the team is also getting more diverse in terms of gender. In the last quarters, we have hired the same amount of men and women, which is unique for being in the IT sector."  

- Carolina Sobral, Senior Communication and Community Manager

 What has been the response from the people visiting your booth at the Web Summit? 

"The response could not be better. We are thinking outside the box and people are really appreciating our playful and more relaxed approach. If the face detection technology says that the visitor is at Web Summit to do surfing or partying, we are not judging. Instead, we give them the best advice in terms of beaches and Lisbon nightlife. We want to appear with a perfect combination of playfulness and professionalism."

- Carolina Sobral, Senior Communication and Community Manager

 CLS gives a warm thank you to Velv for participating in the interview. A pleasure meeting you!


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