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WElcome Kollektivkraft to CLS COMMUNITY!

5 November 2021

CLS is happy to welcome our newest member to our community - Kollektivkraft!

Kollektivkraft is a Swedish insurtech startup founded in 2020, with offices in Stockholm and Lisbon. We were born out of the desire to give all consumers the same opportunity to receive fair compensation from their insurances.

Get to know more about their operations and reach out for a Swedish fika with Mila!

The mission of Kollektivkraft is to be the bridge between our customer and their insurance company. We are doing this through our two tools: our digital platform, where you easily digitize all of your important documentation (such as contracts, receipts, and photos), and our real-life insurance experts, with decades of experience from handling claims. Through our digital platform and with the help of our experts, we’ll make sure to modernize your insurance and simplify your claims handling.

Insurances provide a financial security and are an important part of our household finances. In 2019, the total premium income for non-life insurances in Sweden amounted to around 86 billion SEK, and the Swedes have on average almost three insurances per inhabitant. However, with fine-print conditions, undigitized workflows, and untransparent claim settlement processes, many consumers still find claims processes complicated and tiresome. Northern Europe has always been a trailblazer regarding digitalization of private and public services. A constantly growing part of our everyday life is handled online, and yet, the insurance market is still being run in a conservative manner.

As our name Kollektivkraft indicates, we believe in the power of unity. Together with other insurtech companies, a new type of insurance providers, and most importantly, our customers, we are set on shaking things up big time to create a transparent and modern insurance sector.


Connect with Kollektivkraft

Welcome to contact our co-founder Miia Yliaho, based in both Stockholm and Lisbon, to share ideas over a lunch or a cup of coffee.

Miia Yliaho

Mila, Kollektivkraft


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