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17 January 2020

With a successful start to 2020 - CLS is happy to present it´s newest Corporate Members: Promecel, Noli, and Spiela, as well as our latest Individual Members: Giulia Timarco and Markus Jalmerot to the CLS. 

CLS promotes and supports Swedish and Portuguese companies and professionals with mutual business interests to connect at various levels, find economic, cultural and social opportunities and provides a platform for networking.

Read more to learn about our latest Corporate Members:

Promecel is a private capital company whose markets are dived by the electrical sector and the mechanical components sector. The company is composed of five producing sectors that, when needed, work together to obtain the final product as required by the customer. The five sectors are Precision Machining, Foundry, Stamping, Electroplating, and the Manual Assembly Line.

The Noli With a strong desire to connect with the Nordic sense of simplicity and functionality, is an online store of Nordic everyday items that possess these values. Noli sources brands that are true to the Nordic aesthetic, functionality and environmentally conscious and strive to keep their environmental footprint minimal by making sustainable choices one step at a time.

Spiela is an online support network of diversity and recruitment consultants, and safe space for young people from underrepresented backgrounds to find opportunities, create their own networks and become their own role model. While talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not. Spiela is a platform to connect the underrepresented with opportunities to help jumpstart their careers.


From the Board of Directors, we wish our new members a warm welcome to the CLS. Our Business Community is strengthened by each new member and our Community will also strengthen our new members through further collaboration in this new decade. 

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