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d.Holiday Portugal Program by Diaverum

10 April 2022

After two long years dominated by the pandemic, we are all eager for some holidays, especially in places that can take us out of our daily routines. Because Hemodialysis patients are no exception, Diaverum, a worldwide Hemodialysis player, decided to relaunch its holiday program in 2022.

d.Holiday intends to be the best solution for a hemodialysis patient looking for an unforgettable holiday experience and Portugal is for sure the best destination.

In Portugal and at Diaverum clinics, hemodialysis patients will be warmly  welcomed by a very competent  interdisciplinary clinical team, delivering care at a level of excellence, served in state of the art clinics.

We have 28 clinics across the country, located in cities of great beauty, that everybody will forever remember and look forward to come back. 

Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Aveiro, Figueira da Foz, Porto and Amarante are some of the cities where we are present. 

To make sure that our patients (tourists or residents) will have the best experience in Portugal, we  have prepared a  customized program per city and a welcome pack with tour  suggestions and discounts in the best hotels and restaurants. 

The process to book hemodialysis while on holidays it’s straightforward. All a patient or its  relative needs to do is to send an e-mail to and it will be answer within 24h. There are several agreements between European countries making the exchange of information and copayment easier. 

Welcome to Portugal and enjoy the very hospitable Portuguese people,  the beautiful cities, our sunshine warming beautiful landscapes, and our delicious gastronomy!


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