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4 December 2023

On October 27th, Dot Connected visited CLS for a breakfast workshop focused on how it is to work for a Chamber of Commerce from a female perspective. Dot Connected is an international and respected network supporting women to reach their full potential within private, public, or idea-based sectors. This by connecting generations of mothers and daughters.

The goal is clear: Generate more female leaders within companies at the Stockholm Stock Exchange and other large organizations.

The mothers and daughters of Dot Connected had an inspiring and quite intense extended weekend in Lisbon exploring the city from a cultural, historical, and business perspective. With two company visits at CLS and EDP, a city walking tour, a visit to a tile producer, an art gallery at a vineyard including wine tasting, and listening to Fado. Helén Savmyr and the other 12 representatives from Dot Connected were satisfied with their company visit at CLS: 

"The Breakfast workshop at the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce was highly appreciated by the whole group. We were truly impressed by the presentation of the important job the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce does to promote trade and business relations between the two countries. Furthermore, both mothers and daughters found it inspiring to listen to the personal career journeys of the Chairwoman, Jennifer Ekström, and Board member, Anna Bergström."

- Helén Savmyr, In charge of the Dot Connected Lisbon trip and former SVP, Volvo Group in India and Thailand

The second company visit was to EDP, one of the main energy companies in Portugal. 

"It was truly interesting listening to EDP´s ambitious ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) program. We found it specifically interesting how EDP constantly adapts and improves to develop the people within the organization from a diversity and inclusiveness perspective."    

- Helén Savmyr, In charge of the Dot Connected Lisbon trip and former SVP, Volvo Group in India and Thailand

The visit to Lisbon was Dot Connected´s first meeting program abroad. A unique opportunity to find inspiration and continue the development of their organization. Except for the exploring and company visits, Dot Connected made progress in its internal development as a group. Earlier this year Dot Connected developed a new website which will be launched at the beginning of 2024. A new Dot Connected group consisting of seven Mothers and seven Daughters started in September. 

 If you and your daughter/mother are interested in joining the Dot Connected network you need to fulfill the following criteria:

The Dot-Mother should have: 

  • Current or past career within private, public, or idea-based sectors.
  • Experience in leadership or organizational development.
  • Openness to contribute with their competence, their well-established network, and time.

The Dot-Daugther should have:

  • Pending or graduated university degree.
  • The ambition to reach an influential position within private, public, or idea-based sectors.
  • A strong motivation to develop and make a change!

 Are you Interested in joining Dot Connected?

Contact .

CLS gives a warm thank you to Dot Connected for visiting us!

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