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7 November 2023

On October 25th, CLS strategic partner, Ericsson Portugal, invited to a celebration event. They have now been operating in Portugal for 70 years. An inspiring lunch event where Ericsson went through their past, present and future.

In the picture, you can see our Trainee Oskar Simryd together with Country Manager of Ericsson, Juan Olivera Urquijo, and CLS Board member and former Country Manager of Ericsson, Hans-Erhard Reiter.

On June 16th 1953, Ericsson was first established in Portugal as an independent entity. During the years in Portugal, the Swedish company has achieved numerous milestones. 

1992 Ericsson signed the first Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) contract with Telecel (today Vodafone). Half a decade later they reached the same agreement with Optimus (today NOS) and TMN (today MEO/Altice). 

From 2001 Ericsson provided all mobile operators with 3G/UMTS. In 2002 Ericsson reached a global partnership agreement with the PT group. 

2006 Optimus chosed Ericsson to supply the fixed/mobile convergent IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) system in Portugal. On year later the national mobile operators used the 7.2 Mbps mobile broadband, provided by Ericsson. 

2012 4G/LTE was launched in Portugal, Ericsson was selected as a prime partner by Vodafone and Optimus.

2018 The first 5G connected smartphone in the country and installation of the first 5G antenna in Portugal in 2019. In 2020 Ericsson reached an an agreement with Vodafone and NOS for the supply of 5G. 

The journey of developing the 5G coverage in the country continues. The current 5G coverage in Portugal is 70 % of the populated areas, which is just under average in the EU of 81 %. Something that might come as a surprise is that Sweden has the lowest 5G coverage in the EU. Currently, 20 % of the populated areas in Sweden have 5G coverage.

On November 27th 09h30-11h00 CLS together with Ericsson will arrange a Business Breakfast with the theme: 5G platform for Innovation. During the morning, Juan Olivera, CEO of Ericsson Portugal together with managerial experts within the 5G network, will provide us with the critical details on how to utilize 5G for competitive advantages and innovation. This in specific interest for industrial, manufacturing, and business critical network companies

Are you interested in attending the Business Breakfast

 for any questions or to hear more about the breakfast. 

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