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3 June 2024

The Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce a continued cooperation with Ericsson Portugal. Ericsson Portugal is the third company to be introduced as a Strategic Partner to the CLS in 2024. They now join the list consisting of Anticimex, Diaverum, Essity, QueensLab, Securitas, Snowfire, and Volvo Car Portugal. 

Ericsson is a leading provider of mobile connectivity solutions to telecom operators as well as enterprises in various sectors. Together with their customers and partners in the ecosystem, they are leading the next wave of digitalization in society. They provide high-performance, differentiated, and programmable networks and make advanced network capabilities available to developers around the world. Through world-leading research, they drive new standards and are instrumental in the development of the next-generation mobile communications infrastructure, software, and services.

On June 16th, 1953, Ericsson was first established in Portugal as an independent entity. In 1992 Ericsson Portugal signed the first Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) contract with Telecel (today Vodafone). Half a decade later they reached the same agreement with Optimus (today NOS) and TMN (today MEO/Altice). In 2020 Ericsson Portugal reached an agreement with Vodafone and NOS for the supply of 5G. Now they are on a continuous mission of developing the 5G network in the country. 

"On behalf of CLS, I am proud to confirm an extension of the Strategic Partnership with Ericsson Portugal. They will now be visible in all our communication, as well as as sponsors for multiple events. Ericsson Portugal has been a long and faithful member of the CLS since our founding years."

- Jennifer Ekström, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, CLS

“To deepen the cooperation with the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce aligns with our commitment to fostering innovation, strengthening bilateral trade, and building robust business networks. It is also a natural way for Ericsson Portugal to honor our Swedish roots and commitment to fostering international collaborations. Ericsson Portugal is looking forward to co-organizing several interesting initiatives with CLS throughout the year."

- Juan Olivera, CEO, Ericsson Portugal

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