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From Nordic Roots to Portuguese Sunshine: Nimblr's Security Awareness Solutions Blossom in Lisbon

1 March 2024

Nimblr, headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, is an innovative company specializing in Security Awareness solutions. Drawing from collective knowledge in the IT industry, e-learning, teaching, and web development, Nimblr offers cutting-edge solutions for automated Security Awareness training. Their approach integrates phishing simulations and online courses within a holistic learning model, designed for knowledge-based understanding and aimed at facilitating behavioral change.

Four years ago Rikard Zetterberg, one of the founders, made the move from Sweden to Portugal, seeking a sunnier environment for remote work. Encountering exceptional resources and individuals, Nimblr decided to solidify its presence by setting up an office in Beato, Lisbon. This move was driven by the goal of tapping into skilled professionals and fostering cultural diversity within the company.

The Nimblr office in Beato, Lisbon, was established two years ago, aligning with the company's vision of finding individuals who seamlessly fit into the Nimblr organization. As of today, the Nimblr office in Beato hosts development, sales, HR, and customer support. The Beato neighborhood, which houses the Unicorn Factory and Hub Creativo, has continued to draw the attention of nomadic workers. The low property prices also make it an option worth considering.

In a recent milestone, Monterro, the leading B2B software investor in the Nordics, recognized Nimblr's unique product-market fit and growth potential, making a strategic investment. Monterro's endorsement underscores Nimblr's emerging leadership in the Security Awareness space.

To explore Nimblr's Security Awareness solutions or arrange a demo, organizations can visit the official website!

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