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Götheborg of Sweden is coming to Lisbon!

11 April 2022

The distinctive ship Götheborg of Sweden will visit to Lisbon during September 5-8th, 2022. Götheborg of Sweden is the world’s largest wooden ocean-going sailing ship, and will be a unique visit you would not want to miss!

The 8th of June 2022, Götheborg of Sweden will head out on a great expedition, the Asia Expedition 2022/2023. In the same vein as in our history, the mission is to promote Swedish-Asian trade and create new business opportunities.

An expedition with a mission
The expedition will promote and open new trade opportunities for Swedish, European and Asian companies alike.

International trade can also have positive effects on all three dimensions of sustainability; economic, social, and environmental. The expedition’s aim is to bring forward innovations as an important and necessary part of the solution towards our vision of creating a sustainable future.

Uniqe opportunite to collaborate or host a company event on the ship 
It is now possible to book a vist or reception at the ship which is an exquisite opportunity for you company to arrange something for your for employees, for example a family day on the boat. 

Contact Lars Stålnacke directly for interest or inquire of any request, this is an experiance you do not want to miss:
OIC Ship Management, +46  708 43 00 06,

Read more on their website: Götheborg of Sweden

CLS is looking forward to seeing you there! 

Götheborg of Sweden

Götheborg of Sweden
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