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Time to let our trainee Charlotta move on to her future adventures!

7 August 2023

Charlotta, trainee at CLS during 2022/2023, has been a vital part of the CLS organisation during the past year. It is for the first time that the CLS has welcomed a trainee for a full year, which has allowed for accelerating our work being the gateway for trade and networking hub for Swedish and Portuguese business. Below, Charlotta shares with us her experience from her past year with the CLS.

What a year it has been! I am so grateful for the opportunity to join the CLS for a full year, meeting so many inspiring people in the Swedish-Portuguese business community, and working with knowledgeable, competent, and friendly colleagues. I have been challenged in my tasks, been given trust from colleagues and the CLS community, and not the least been able to observe and learn from front row at the forefront of global business.

During my first week at the CLS, I welcomed a little over 100 guests on board the ship Götheborg of Sweden, who had come to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Swedish-Portuguese chamber of commerce. It was challenging to keep track of all the new faces and acquaintances, but little did I then know how fast it would be to establish such many and good connections within the Swedish-Portuguese business community. I have now had the pleasure of working with many of the wonderful members of CLS and Team Sweden in Portugal and it has been great contributing to, and witnessing the resilience, ambition, and collaboration that the community upholds.

The CLS is truly a substantial meeting point for Swedish business in Portugal, where professionals can exchange knowledge, find partners, and find common grounds. Under the CLS umbrella, Swedish and Portuguese best practices can be shared, and fruitful collaborations will pave the way for many more years of successful business and trade between Sweden and Portugal. I hope this tradition will keep developing and reach new potentials.

I would like to express special thanks to the CLS Board of Directors, President Jennifer Ekström, and Secretary General Roya Moghaddas. You have all been inspirations and contributed immensely to my experience at the CLS.

Foi um ano incrível, muito obrigada e até à próxima!

/Charlotta Mohlén

On behalf of all CLS organisation, we thank Charlotta for her outstanding support and performance during this year. We are happy to have had this young and much promising talent with us, a new friend who we wish all the best for her future endeavours. We look forward to stay in contact and follow you in your coming journey! 

Our warmest regards,
Jennifer Ekström on behalf of CLS Board of Directors and Secretary General

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