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Highlights from our webinar 'Leva och Bo I Portugal'

2 June 2021

On June 1, 2021, CLS held the webinar 'Leva och Bo i Portugal' in collaboration with Danske Bank International and Mercator-PortugalMäklarna. This was our first webinar held in Swedish - we will therefore provide you with the key highlights in English.

We are happy to share the key takeaways from this dynamic webinar: 

Portugal as a destination has become increasingly popular during the last years, nominated as both a world-class destination and one of the most safe countries in the world – both Sweden and other nationalities have considered and made Portugal as their new home, or their preferred destination.

During the webinar we got key insights from Patric Soric, on how Danske Bank International in Luxemburg can support you as private person when moving to Portugal. The simplicity and facilitation of havng an international bank when moving abroad can make you get an easier adaptation in your new market and be able to enjoy your life while Danske Bank treats your finances.

DANSKE BANK – breathing life into dreams

  • Specialized in International Private Banking since 1976
  • Offer one point of contact for their customers in a highly developed platform for e-banking as well as always 7 dedicated people to each customer
  • Tailormade service and recommend the advantages of being a larger customer in a smaller bank, such as themselves.
  • The goal for Danske Bank is that their customers can enjoy life at the moment and that they feel secure having someone treating their wealth for future generations

Peter Billton, originally Swede who moved to Porugal for 2-3 years but ended up staying 30, still with no plans to move from here, founded the broker Mercator who has now more than 25 years of experience in supporting Swedes, Nordics and other people in their process of buying a home in Portugal. Peter shared valuable insighs on both the different parts of Portugal where many people tend to move as well as his deep knowledge of properties across the country.  


  • Swedish speaking and authorised firm with 30 years experience in Portugal who can guide you through an introduction of the country.
  • A dedicated team with 20 people, located both in Estoril and Algarve to keep a close connection with you in your process.
  • Have well established partnerships with all partners you need in the process of moving and can support you in each step.
  • Care that you plan well your move and buy of property, however emphazies that you also choose your home by your heart.

If you have you have any additional questions to our speakers – feel free to get in touch with them!

CLS - the Swedish Portuguese Chamber of Commerce
Jennifer Ekström, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors,  
Roya Moghaddas, Secretary General, 

Danske Bank 
Patrick Soric, International Private Banker & Acqusition,
Sunil Barua,
Emilia Weijola,

Mercator - Portugalmäklarna
Peter Billton, CEO and Founder,

Webinar in collaboration with

Danske Bank International Luxemburg
Mercator - Porugalmälkarna
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