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On the market since 2019, iceberg Digital Consulting perceives itself as being a 100% non-conformist Agency!

20 February 2020

A new groundbreaking startup providing transversal end-to-end service offer from digital transformation to data analytics

On the market since 2019, iceberg Digital Consulting perceives itself as being a 100% non-conformist Agency!

The team is made of talented, skillful and passionate expert developers, data engineers and creative concept designers. Their goal: foster disruptive innovation across all industries and deliver digital solutions that are key in their customer’s transformative initiatives.

“We lead Clients and Business Partners through digital transformative journeys, by tailoring innovative solutions from existing and emerging technology, to deliver fast and viable results”, says Jonathan Franco, Technology Director at iceberg Digital Consulting .

Backed by DYC Ventures, iceberg Digital Consulting was initially built to support inhouse startups, but it became clear that iceberg Digital Consulting could help external clients as well, to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing world. In fact, they do offer transversal end-to-end services, ranging from Digital Transformation to Extended Reality Experiences and Data Analytics, combined with leading technology and agile methodology expertise.

“Every time we build a new business, a new startup, it is key for us to operate more innovatively and efficiently, with the aim to create value and to offer radically improved customer experiences. The quick adoption of new and innovative technologies can be the difference between winning and losing businesses”, says Dany Costa, Managing Partner at DYC Ventures.

iceberg Digital Consulting invites you all, whether you are running a small business, mid-size company or large corporation, to challenge them! “We never walk away from any challenge!”, says the TEAM.

Visit their website for further information, or drop them a couple of lines at: 

Directors of iceberg digital consulting

Dany Costa - Managing Director
Dany Costa
Managing director
Jonathan Franco - Technology Director
Jonathan Franco
Technology Director
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