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20 January 2023

The times we live, with high inflation, especially affecting food, energy and housing prices, is making many Portuguese struggle. Being true to its purpose, IKEA believes that a better everyday life starts at home. And that in tough times, IKEA is more relevant than ever, as a brand and as a reference employer.

For IKEA, the well-being of co-workers and the stability of their income are very important. In a long term and consistent approach, IKEA has been raising the entry salary above the national minimum wage and this year was no exception. The rising cost of living, together with the increasingly competitive context for talent in the retail sector, led IKEA to accelerate the investment and take a bold step, increasing the entry salary of an IKEA Portugal (retail) full time co-worker from 750€ to 1.000€ per month when the national minimum wage in Portugal is now 760€. This is a very important step for us, as a company with humanistic values but to position IKEA as a reference employer in the market, supporting talent retention and attraction. Above all, we want our co-workers to feel motivated and valued.

But our vision to create a better everyday life for many people goes beyond our co-workers. At IKEA, we believe we have a big responsibility to guarantee that our customers can have access to good products at the most affordable prices. That’s why IKEA also launched recently an advertising campaign, inspiring Portuguese with more sustainable and healthy food products, at unbeatable prices. In spite of all the challenges, at IKEA it’s still possible to have a great meal out, with surprising products (who knew that you could find Pataniscas in IKEA?) and prices (an organic soup for 0,50€?). Enjoy your meal!

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