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IKEA launches podcast about equality, diversity and inclusion to help to create a better world

22 October 2020

‘Igualmente” is a new IKEA podcast that calls on the conversation of IKEA co-workers and other guests, to talk about diversity, equality and inclusion, with the moderation of Rui Maria Pêgo.

Helen Duphorn, Country Retail Manager at IKEA Portugal, explains that “we are all  responsible for creating an inclusive society. That’s why we welcome everyone to this platform, to  discuss topics like equal pay for men and women, equal opportunities for people of different ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation and gender, but also how to reduce domestic violence. Let’s inspire each other to create a  a more equal society!”

The first episode, called “Equality at home”, is launched on October 20 and has as protagonists a couple, both IKEA co-workers, the professor Paula Campos Pinto, consultant of the study “Equality at Home” at IKEA, and is led by radio host Rui Maria Pêgo.

 “We are super proud to launch the Igualmente project because we know that we will give a voice to issues related to equality, through the real stories of our co-workers. We believe that it’s the uniqueness of each one that makes us stronger. And if so, who better than our co-workers to give their testimony, tell their stories and inspire other people, companies and society in general to adopt a positive attitude towards these issues” said Cláudia Domingues, Communication manager from IKEA Portugal.

Rui Maria Pêgo shares the same enthusiasm for the project: “As a communicator, I always look for spaces where I can stimulate discussion and think about the future with the same certainty as always: the choice to dream up a more egalitarian society is ours and it happens now. It is a pleasure to join IKEA to develop discussion and think together."

View or listen to the first episode

YouTube link here (or below)

Spotify link here


The monthly IKEA podcast will be available on all podcast platforms and on YouTube. Every third Tuesday of the month there will be a new episode to hear and inspire us.

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