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Introducing the CLS Sustainability Initiative

4 April 2021

CLS is happy to introduce the Sustainability Initiative – a long-term project that will start in the spring of 2021 and proceed into 2022. The initiative will highlight Swedish and Portuguese companies that are leading the way in sustainability and innovation.

Many Swedish and Portuguese companies have advanced and up-to-date policies in the area of sustainability, and CLS recognizes that incorporating sustainability-thinking is gaining traction. Faced with many inquiries regarding sustainable production, materials, and collaborations with possible Portuguese partners, we have also identified that the market is shifting its focus towards a more regional to shorten the ecological footprint, amongst other reasons. Portugal, having a such long and profound history of excellent craftmanship and natural resources, has become a country many Swedish companies are now shifting their focus towards.
With this as a backdrop, CLS is introducing the “Sustainability Initiative 2021” with the purpose of bringing Swedish and/or Portuguese entities to the fore and present their dedication to sustainability, or that illustrate how they have innovated and incorporated sustainability into their operations in an effective way.
The launch event of the initiative will take place in May – further information to be announced. 

And, for anyone who is interested in joining or know more - please contact us via the contact in the button below.

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