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5 February 2024

 It is time to introduce a new member to the CLS community. Iversen & Associates is a consultancy company helping clients with Leadership, Mentoring & Coaching.

CLS met up with Hans-Christian Iversen, Founder of Iversen & Associates, to hear more about him and his company.

Hans-Christian is Danish but speaks perfectly good Swedish. This is due to a 6-month university course in Political Science in Lund, Sweden, back in the days. He moved to Portugal in 2021 and is already speaking Portuguese. After living 25 years in London, Hans-Christian was convinced by some Portuguese clients to move to Cascais, Portugal. A decision he doesn’t regret!   

Hans-Christian is 67 years old, but that doesn’t mean it's time for rest. He continuously updates his knowledge and wants to spread his experience to the next generation. With 30 years of international business experience in Media, Manufacturing, Publishing, Private Equity, and Executive Mentoring, he has a lot to offer. His resume speaks for itself, as he worked as a partner of Deloitte, within Area Expansion in Eastern Europe for Disney and held senior executive positions in public companies listed on the Copenhagen and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges.

First of all, we want to hear more about Iversen & Associates. What do you do?

We specialise in company transformations, leadership-mentoring, and senior advisory work for medium-sized businesses in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. Assisted by a strong network of associates both in the UK and abroad.

Furthermore, we develop leaders for FTSE 100, 250, and multinational companies through leadership mentoring and we also do this work with third parties and assist with BD in Europe.

We are doing an increasing amount of mentoring with PE operating companies, in particular at CFO and CEO level, mainly in strategy, business internationalization, and leadership development.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Throughout my career, I have been working with several clients from all over the world. Just to mention a few of them: DSV, Danske Bank, Rentokil, and Barclays Bank.

In the latest we have been helping Danish companies in Portugal Now we are looking forward to helping companies in the CLS community. From our experience, we have seen that it is useful to hire external services regarding leadership, mentoring & coaching when entering or maintaining businesses in the Portuguese market.

Lastly, throughout your long career, you must have been involved in certain special situations. Do you have any special story you would like to tell?

In 1991 I was responsible for the opening of a new office for Disney in Czechoslovakia (Today Czech Republic and Slovakia). At the inauguration event, we were up on stage with President, Václav Havel. To our surprise, 50,000 people entered the streets of Prague to watch our presentation.  The kids were amazed to see our actors dressed up as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. This was truly a special moment in my career!

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