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Meet our new member - Kamado Sumo

31 March 2021

CLS is happy to welcome Kamado Sumo to our community. Kamado Sumo is a Swedish company with focus on providing high quality Kamado grills made for the Scandinavian climate to affordable prices. Bringing people together outside for the joy of cooking. Kamado Sumo are looking into future manufacturing and growth possibilities in Portugal and we see our expansion to the southern European market as a natural step in our growth as well as a new exciting challenge for the company.

Kamado grilling has been practiced for thousands of years. This typical model comes from Japan and the word “kamado” has the same meaning in Japanese as “oven”. Typical for a kamado grill is that they are made of a ceramic material, which gives the grill optimal insulation and heat efficiency. This type of grill can be used for many different ways of preparing food, for example classic grilling and bbq smoking, it’s perfect for making delicious pizzas, for baking bread and much more.
A Kamado grill can also be used all year round, even in the cold Scandinavian climate. Thanks to the solid ceramic construction, the heat is insulated, which means that you can grill for a long time with a small amount of charcoal. In addition, it is easier to get a better result on what you grill thanks to the even heat distribution of the kamado grills.

Kamado Sumo grill - Sales Manager Anders Nilsson

 Get in contact with Kamado Sumo
Anders Nilsson – Sales Manager
Phone: +46708 38 58 81

Kamado Sumo

Kamado Sumo
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