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31 May 2021

Despite Portugal being relatively small in size, it has some of the
most breathtakingly beautiful features in all of Europe.

Between the award-winning beaches in Algarve, the tranquillity and
wondrous landscapes in Alentejo, the cultural and architectural
heritage in Porto, and the cosmopolitan that is Lisbon, it is to no
surprise that Portugal has been voted the best travel destination in
Europe, every year since 2016.

Whether your passion is adventuring, gastronomy and wine, sporting,
sun-bathing, or all the above, Portugal has something unique to offer

During our many years in Portugal, we have had the privilege to
experience the hidden gems that goes far beyond the normal tourist
attractions and receive priceless insights from people whose families
has lived here for generations.

Our passion at Mancini Properties, is to share these experiences with
our tenants and open their eyes to how uniquely beautiful Portugal is.

If you want to know more about us and what we offer, you are more than
welcome to contact us!

Kinga Lundblad

Robert Halldén

Mancini Properties

Mancini Properties
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