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7 May 2021

CLS is happy to introduce and its co-founder Markus Jalmerot to our community. 

2021 has been a year where traditional currency trading is becoming as common as trading with crypto currencies. Times are changing rather quickly. While most people were not aware of Bitcoin, Ethereum or many other crypto currencies just a few years ago, now it has become common knowledge and discussions among expats in Portugal. is among a group of sites that started in Sweden, while expanding to Norway last year and launching in the UK during 2021 with The websites are doing continuous interviews with famous investors, traders, hedge funds, CEOs of trading firms and social media stars in this space/sector.

During the 4th quarter of 2020, a 225% increase of female traders took place in Sweden according to Euroclear. Similar increase has not yet happened in Portugal, but there is more interest for online trading among people working from home from all over the world. help our visitors finding an appropriate broker for trading with forex or crypto. There is also a free chat functionality, where anyone can ask questions about trading. There is also a trading school with a section that mention 56 factors affecting exchange rates, which can be worth reading.

Daily, there are also short flash news about current trading trends and breaking news about the trading market, where both stocks, commodities, currencies and cryptocurrency are covered. also got a section of live exchange rates for all major currencies and cryptos.
In case you got any question about trading online, want to learn more or stay up to date about what’s happening – feel free to visit
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