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Merry Christmas & a Happy new 2022 from CLS

21 December 2021

2021, a year of hope, dynamic and resilience. We had a touch of human interaction and longing for a 2022 with open doors. Nevertheless, a 2021 to be proud of, that we have with all our community adapted, grown and learned from eachother. 

The CLS would like to take a moment to thank you all for 2021 and below you find personal greetings from part of our team. 

Roya Moghaddas, Secretary General CLS

2021 has been a unique year that will with most certainty be remembered as an extraordinary moment in history.

As Secretary General of CLS, I am very proud of how CLS has been able to carry out such great work in the light of a global shift and uncertainty. In retrospect, I have come to the conclusion that deepen collaborations, courage, determination and proactive measures have been key for continuous great work. Nothing would have been possible without you, our members and collaborating partners. For this reason I thank you for your great efforts and look forward to continue our journey together 2022.

 I wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas with your loved ones!

Roya Moghaddas, 
Secretary General CLS


Peter Billton, Board Member CLS

We’ve been experiencing different times and many fundamentals have been questioned! Changes are inevitable and one of the only real facts of life that we all should embrace, no matter the effort it takes. The CLS have showed ability, flexibility and capability to change and adapt, this gives should give inspiration to anyone in its circle!

Happy Christmas or whatever You choose to make out of it!

Peter Billton,
Board member CLS

Carl Hermelin, Vice-President CLS


In 2021 CLS has managed to fully adapt to a new business model to add value to its members and the community. In several areas, such as sustainability and digital adaptation, we have been able to drive relevant topics and to support people and organisations to find its way.

In 2022 I look forward to continue our journey to develop and support the Portuguese and Swedish business relationships.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Carl Hermelin,
Vice-President CLS

Jorge Cifuentes, Vice-President CLS

Hi everybody

We are reaching the end of a very special and uncommon year.

CLS has shown a remarkable resilience and managed to promote many of the activities according to plan. It’s a new way of working but human being is prepared for changes when necessary and life has to go on.

We at CLS continue to accept the challenges and go on developing the activities to contribute to a better networking between the members and within the Swedish community

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Jorge Cifuentes, 
Vice-President CLS

Jennifer Ekström, Chairwoman Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

Dear community, 

Yet a year has come to an end and it is with a feeling of hope and optimism I reach out to you today. 

2021 was a dynamic year of adaption and resilience. We got to feel the touch of human interaction and realize how much we are longing for to get back to meet, greet and connect without digital boundaries. Nevertheless, we have learned, adapted and been able to grow in new ways and understood that nothing is impossible, as long as we stay together, collaborate and co-create. Trust has gained new ways of working. 

2021 is a year to be proud of, and the words sounds small when I say I am grateful for the community we have, where everyone has contributed to make us grow, both as profesionals, people and as community.

I look forward to open the door to 2022, where we continue our journey in the unknown - more resilient, more flexible and, most important, together!

God Jul & Gott Nytt År, and stay safe

Jennifer Ekström
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors  

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