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CLS Strengthen Swedish and Portuguese Ties with New Additions to the Board

14 May 2019

As of the 2019 General Assembly, CLS has two new Observing Board Members, strengthening CLS bonds and ties with the Portuguese and Swedish ecosystems. Anna Bergström and Carl Hermelin are two swedes with impressive backgrounds and long history in Portugal, who we welcome with open arms to the Board of Directors. 

Anna Bergström 

is originally from Skellefteå, Northern Sweden. After studies in Uppsala and Strasbourg, she started her career in Brussels, where she stayed for 8 years, learning how to navigate the European institutions as a policy advisor in the European Parliament with questions related to transport, regional affairs, EU budget and civil liberties. One of her best memories from this period is celebrating the EU enlargement in 2004 with friends from the new member states on Grand Place in Brussels. Since these days, Anna considers herself first and foremost a European citizen and speaks several languages fluently.

Since 2009, she has lived and worked in Lisbon. During the last decade of deep-diving in this country's culture,  she has learned to love Portugal; the language, the nature, the sea, the people and the traditions. She held the position of being the only Swede (and sometimes even the only foreigner) in her work places: Lisbon City Hall, the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the governmental task force Portugal IN, with the mission to mitigate the effects of Brexit in the Portuguese economy. Recently, she took the leap to start her own consultant agency in international and public affairs, and works primarily as responsible for stakeholder relations at Galp Energia, where she hopes to be able to contribute to the crucial process of energy transition and sustainable economy. 

While cherishing her Swedish origin, home is today many places and Lisbon in particular holds a special place in her heart. She deeply engages in issues regarding society, equality, justice, education, sustainable growth and environment and sometimes participates as a speaker in conferences regarding these topics. She prides herself of her multicultural understanding and open mind. Mother of two boys and a Labrador girl, all in their lower teens, Anna tries to find time for cooking, reading, yoga and travelling in her spare time.

As for the opportunity to be part of the CLS board, she feels grateful and hopeful that she will bring some of her experience from the the Portuguese public and private sector and local know-how to the table. She recalls a time when the Swedish community in Portugal was much smaller and less dynamic, and feels motivated to work in the chamber in such exciting times as the present.

CLS is very happy to welcome Anna to the Board, considering her background, engagement and what we believe to be a very bright future. 

Carl Hermelin

This will be Carl´s third time moving "back home" to Portugal and his second term in the CLS Board of Directors.

To this Carl says it is a pleasure to be back in Portugal and especially to be able to be part in the Board from the day he arrives. Carl credits CLS as having been such a consistent base for many Swedish business in Portugal and that he is now looking forward to contribute to the new CLS leadership.

Carl works for IKEA to make a better everyday life for the many people. In his role he will meet new customer demands by supplying improved home delivery, installation and other services in Portugal as Fulfilment Sourcing Manager.

Carl is Swedish and has worked in business development for the last 17 years, for Business Sweden, H&M and IKEA, in both Europe and Africa. He has spent his last 5 years in the Netherlands at Inter IKEA Systems B.V. where he led expansion into new countries.   

He is married to Cristina, from Portugal, with three kids and they live in Vila Moreira (Alcanena). 

CLS happily welcomes Carl back to the Board of Directors, bringing new experiences and remembering his past contributions and engagement to the CLS Board and Members. 


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