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Welcome Charlotta, the new Secretary General at the CLS

3 November 2023

It is with delight and optimism that we, the Board of Directors of CLS, announce our new Secretary General, Charlotta Mohlén. With relevant experiences and potential to bring new creative ideas into CLS, we warmly welcome Charlotta to our organisation.

Get to know more about Charlotta in her letter to the CLS community and connect with her to engage in our upcoming activities. 


Dear Members of the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce,

My name is Charlotta Mohlén and I have been elected by the Board of Directors to proceed as Secretary-General of CLS as of November 2023. It is with great pride and joy that I enter this role and I am dedicated to fulfill our mission to strengthen Swedish-Portuguese business relations.

As the new Secretary-General of CLS my focus will be on maintaining and developing the work of the CLS. In charge of the chambers’ daily operations, my vision and key priorities concern fruitful collaborations, being observant and responsive to the dynamic business climate to ensure we deliver relevant support to you, our members. The CLS supports its members in navigating the Portuguese-, as well as the Swedish market, and I am eager to continue facilitating great opportunities and business between our countries. . 

My academic background is within Political Science and Economics at Lund University in Sweden, with prior international experience from Belgium and Germany. I bring professional experience from PwC and the Chamber for Industry and Commerce of Southern Sweden. Some of you may also recognise me from the past year where I had the fantastic opportunity to meet many of you members, operating as the CLS trainee for a full year. 

I fell in love with Portugal, and now it is safe to say that it wasn't just a temporary crush. I am delighted to proceed with my career in this fantastic culture and environment. Sweden and Portugal share an impressive longstanding history of bilateral trade and diplomatic bonds. The contemporary business climate in both countries is dynamic, filled with opportunities and potentials. The CLS and myself seek to maintain and develop the tradition, facilitating for great business opportunities between Sweden and Portugal. 

Former Secretary-General, Roya Moghaddas, has done immense work with the CLS, building a new activity stream, setting a foundation for the future progress. The CLS Board of Directors have been a vital part of this mission, and I extend my warmest gratitude to both Roya and the CLS Board of Directors. I am now eager to keep developing the CLS and its scope of activities. 

Lastly, I naturally want to share my great excitement regarding meeting all of you members and friends of the CLS, to reconnect or for introductions. I am sure that I will be in direct contact with many of you in the near future and I do encourage our members and network to reach out with ideas and suggestions for new projects that could strengthen the priorities of the CLS and our mission.

Yours Sincerely,


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