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28 June 2022

Nimblr is a Swedish startup based in Malmö and, since March 2022, also running operations in Lisbon.

The company was founded in 2019 and has experienced rapid growth since then, currently with a team of 18 people. The 5 founders have a long history in IT-security and e-learning, using their different experiences to develop and design Nimblr’s Security Awareness Program.

An increasing number of high-profile data breaches have raised concerns and led many organizations to strengthen their technical security solutions and their policies in order to secure sensitive information, but these measures do not suffice without an end-user awareness of current risks and threats. The users are by far the largest attack surface and their behaviour is an important aspect of the overall security effectiveness. Protecting an organization starts by ensuring that the employees take their share of the responsibility and help the organization to keep computers and networks secure.

Nimblr Security Awareness is an online-based training platform designed to heighten end-users’ security awareness and minimize the risk of successful attacks. The training programme is based on a comprehensive learning model including simulated phishing attacks and IT best practices continuously updated with intelligent technology, smart illustrations, expertise in IT security and modern teaching methods.

Through an intelligent comprehensive solution for Security Awareness, Nimblr is able to offer both small and large organizations the right training, at the right time, to the right individual and minimize the risks of costly and time-consuming attacks.

The new office in Lisbon is currently hosting a team of seven people, including tech, sales and HR, and will expand further over the coming year. - “We’re happy to finally open up our Lisbon office in Beato, next to the upcoming ‘Creative Hub’. This city is full of talented people”, says Rikard Zetterberg, co-founder who has been living in Portugal for two years.

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