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WE welcome o colchete to CLS community!

1 October 2021

Meet one of our new members - O Colchete! O Colchete started the journey in 1990 as garments manufacturer under the leadership of Maria Goretti, operating in Porto.  

We are happy to welcome this manufacturer and the great Portuguese craftsmanship they represent! Get to know more about how they can support your business in our article. 

O Colchete started the journey in 1990 – as garments manufacturer – under the leadership of Maria Goretti (Production Manager), operanting in Porto, Portugal, a country with a lot of potential in the field of garment-manufacturing.

O Colchete has a versatile production/supply chain to answer all needs of their customers in short lead-time, with more than 120 workers specialized in delicate fabrics, silks, voiles,woven fabrics, shirting plus a team of agents with a lot of connections within our internal textile industry, givies to O Colchete the resources to offer a wide range of products, such as:

  • Embroidery and other applications.
  • Knitwear, fully fashioned.
  • Print screen services with extreme quality and very competitive prices.
  • The latest in Digital Printing.
  • All kinds of work with thicker fabrics, such as jackets, Suiting, ETC.
  • Leather bags, rucksacks and small leather accessories. 

Understanding the evolution in the textile industry taking place in Portugal, plus the very competitive combination quality/price ratio in Portugal nowadays inspired O Colchete to develop all company departments to connect, in the best way possible, fashion designers with a very flourishing industry within Portugal.

Always offering full assistance provided by our agents always seeking our clients' best interests and understanding the demands of this market always ready to have the best response according to this demand. O Colchete has expanded its capacity, developed skills workforce and introduced integrated technologies, to remain globally up-to-date.

It is a organization which is based on a strong structure and well prepared to produce garments with high quality.

Connect with O Colchete: 

João Pires de Sousa
Finance Director
M +351 914 950 225 
T +351 224 502 265


From CLS, we are truly happy to have oColchete as part of our community! 

O Colchete

O Colchete
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