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Meet pär, podcast host of portugalpodden

25 May 2023

Pär is one of the lucky Swedes who has found a second home in this lovely country Portugal. His first time setting a foot in Portugal was back in 2013 when him and his family experienced a “love at first sight”. The curiosity about the country and willingness to share all information gathered gave Pär the idea to start Portugalpodden (The Portugal Podcast).

During 2013, Pär and his family visited Portugal for the first time, and it was love at first sight. While the sons took surfing classes, Pär and his wife decided to explore the area around Lagos. Places and villages they visited, e.g., Burgau, Sagres, and Aljezur, were vibrant, full of life, and sun (which for us swedes is not something we are late to cherish).

Well back in Sweden after an amazing vacation the idea of having a second home in Portugal was well rooted. The research began and Pär and his family sought out the necessary information connected to buying a property in Portugal.

Eventually the family took the decision to road-trip all the way from Lagos in the south, along the coast up until Porto, with many stops on the way, to really explore the various possibilities. Although they continued up north, it was when they first set their foot in Ericeira that it said “click”. “White marvel-streets, beautiful blue-white houses with an ocean view. People of all ages sat outside in the evenings in the end of December drinking their espresso. From cool surfers to local seniors.”

So how did Pär with family eventually end up with a house in Portugal? That is indeed one story per se and for the curious mind we will recommend listening to this in Portugalpodden (podcast). Yes, you guessed it right – Portugalpodden is founded and driven by Pär himself.

The curiosity for this newly explored country to Pär, and eagerness to deep-dive in the many aspects of its culture and people, life living abroad, and much more led him to the idea of sharing his ongoing learning-adventure. A podcast seemed liked the right media to do so and so it was – Portugalpodden was founded in 2019. Portugalpodden is complemented by a website where Pär shares his best Portugal-tips


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