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Presentation of the Business Climate Survey

20 March 2020

On the 5th of March, Team Sweden had the pleasure of hosting the presentation of the Business Climate Survey at the Residence of the Ambassador of Sweden to Portugal. The Business Climate Survey is an initiative by Team Sweden which in Portugal consists of the Embassy of Sweden, the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (CLS) and Business Sweden Iberia.

The purpose of the Business Climate Survey is to capture the current market outlook as perceived by Swedish companies operating on the Portuguese market. During the evening, the approximately 30 participants got to take part in presentations made by the Embassy of Sweden, the CLS, and Business Sweden as well as a market outlook presentation by Nuno Roso from Ericsson Portugal.

Business Climate Survey Portugal

Malin Backman, Project Manager at Business Sweden, held an interesting presentation where she highlighted some of the key findings from the survey with regards to how Swedish companies perceive the Portuguese business climate today and ahead. Including information about which aspects the respondents find to be their best opportunities in the Portuguese market as well as the greatest challenges in their continuous work.

After the presentation, Nuno Roso, Head of Digital Services Portugal at Ericsson, gave a speech about the current market outlook of Ericsson, together with a presentation on the expected impact of 5G technology on the future of the industry.

Networking at Business Climate Survey Portugal presentation

The presentations spurred interesting discussions and raised important questions about business conditions which were then carried on in the following cocktail mingle. 

Team Sweden hopes that everyone who participated in the event had a good and informative evening and we hope to see you all again soon!

Interesting in learning more about how Swedish companies perceive the Portuguese market? The full report is now published and you can read it here


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