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Presenting our newest members

18 September 2018

After a hectic summer, CLS is happy to present it´s newest members Anticimex, Bluefish Pharmaceuticals, Bright Sunday, Dayzero_, Innovsky, Internago, Snowfire and WEALINS. 

CLS promotes and supports Swedish and Portuguese companies with mutual business interests to connect at various levels, find economic, cultural and social opportunities and provides a platform for networking.

Read more to learn about our newest additions.

Anticimex - the modern pest control company. 
Founded in Sweden in 1934, Anticimex´s vision is to be the global leader i preventive pest control, always being at the forefront of the field and offering the best solutions available in order to give the customers peace of mind. At the heart of Anticimex, are the people and the mutual values. By offering excellent service Anticimex´s builds long relationships based on trust and respect, continuously look at how to improve the offering to give their customers a competitive advantage in their business. Passionate about their work, they enjoy sharing their knowledge to help others.

Bluefish Pharmaceuticals - Quality medicines accessible to more people. 
Founded in Sweden, with its long tradition of industrial entrepreneurship, Bluefish Pharmaceuticals has become one of the most progressive generics pharmaceuticals companies. 

Bright Sunday - Global solar sharing done right.
Everything done at Bright Sunday aims at reducing CO2 emissions on a global level. Bright Sunday offers adepted solutions, depending on who you are, to help you make low risk investments in solar energy or by slashing your electricity bill. 

Dayzero_ is a portuguese cybersecurity agency, with the objective to help companies protect themselves against cyber crimes, reduce risks online and be compliant to legal obligations as well as help companies digitaly transformt heir operations. Dayzero_focuses on your safety, so you can focus on your business. 

Innovsky help organizations achieve results from their innovation efforts, transforming opportunities into business value. Operating within Innovation Strategy and Management, Business Model Innovation, Innovation Assessment and Practice and Customer Experience Innovation Innovsky wants to be your innovation partner, because the sky is the limit. 

Internago specializes in incorporation and payroll services for companies that enter new international markets. The Internago web portal is an online tool that enables you to handle and control all your administrative tasks that comes with expanding your business internationally. They also offer a tool for managing B2B partners and other relevant stakeholders for your business. With the mission to facilitate and digitalize the internationalization process, they are dedicated to make each customer's internationalization easy and affordable by reducing the administrative burden to a minimum.

Snowfire helps you create your website with the worlds best designers and helps you every step of the way, creating the all-in-one platform to acquire & maintain customers. The very website you are looking at right now is provided by Snowfire

WEALINS  created from the merger of two major Luxemburgish life insurance players, and benefitting of over 25 years of experience in designing customised life and capitalisation solutions benefits from belonging to the Foyer Group. The five values upon which Foyer Group was founded are part of WEALINS´DNA and its corporate culture: Trust, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity and Independence. 

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