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5 April 2022

QueensLab is a Swedish tech house with about 65 consultants in Stockholm and in Gothenburg. The company was founded in 2017 and has since then grown very rapidly to become an obvious tech & design partner for many companies in the Nordic region. QueensLab is now expanding its operations and opening a Portuguese subsidiary in Lisbon, an important milestone on the visionary journey to make QueensLab an international network of cross-border tech & design teams.

The QueensLab Portugal Founder team is looking forward to hearing from you.

QueensLab has always been about the desire to evolve, to continuously learn, adapt and become even better and that is also why the Gothenburg based consultancy focuses a lot on the internal concept; InLab – which is essentially a playtime where consultants do not work with client projects, but devote their time to other technologies, frameworks, tools and concepts that do not constitute a part of their regular working day.

Five years ago, when QueensLab was started, it set out to grow fast, but never become a big company in the classical sense. That is why there is a limit to 50 consultants per office. Instead of just adding people to an ever-growing group of people, QueensLab invests time and money to spread out and create satellite offices with the idea to invite people to work from whatever office they choose, or from home. The end goal is to never lose the familiar feeling while still having access to the infrastructure and the benefits of a bigger company.

There are many reasons why QueensLab has now decided on Portugal for its first international office. Lisbon is surrounded by universities and there is a constant influx of Brazilian engineers which in total makes recruitment easier than is many times the case in Sweden. Portugal also offers the yearly web tech conference WebSummit, one of the arguably biggest technology conferences globally.

Quality of life is high in Portugal. Portuguese people are quite international and speak good English and the Portuguese community is very accepting and open to foreigners in general, and in addition, it is relatively easy to get started in Portugal compared to many other European countries.

In 2018 QueensLab had a yearly turnover of about €390,000 which has become €3,4 million with a net profit of about €450,000 in 2021. Financially, the company is set out to double its turnover and the 2022 goal for the Portugal subsidiary is to close the year with 12 consultants and a turnover of €370,000.

One of the most important key points in the success of QueensLab is the focus on the individual. Besides providing a creative environment for people to grow, QueensLab is a company determined to make sure that employees, partners and subcontractors are always treated fairly, paid well and has access to a generous benefits package.



Feel free, welcome and invited to start a conversation with us with any topic in mind. 

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