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5 May 2024

The Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce a deepened cooperation with QueensLab. QueensLab is the second company to be introduced as a Strategic Partner to the CLS in 2024. They now join the list consisting of Anticimex, Diaverum, Ericsson, Essity, Securitas, Snowfire, and Volvo Car Portugal. We met up with their Swedish co-founder and CEO of the QueensLab subsidiary in Portugal, Marcus Nordquist, to hear more about QueensLab and his view on the Strategic Partnership.

First of all, we all want to hear more about QueensLab 

"In 2017, four devotees started QueensLab in a small apartment on Drottninggatan in Gothenburg. We have now grown to become one of Western Sweden's leading actor in design, UX, and development. Today we are well on our way to a hundred employees, all of whom are ingenious innovators, rebels and superheroes. After Stockholm and Lisbon, the office will open in Prague, San Francisco, and in 2031 you will follow us to the station on Mars."

Portugal was the first step in your globalization. How come? 

"There are many reasons why QueensLab in 2022 opened our first international office in Portugal. Lisbon is surrounded by universities and has a constant influx of Brazilian engineers, which makes recruitment easier than in Sweden. Besides this, the quality of life is high in Portugal. Portuguese people are quite international, they speak good English and the Portuguese community is very accepting and open to foreigners. In addition, it is relatively easy to get started in Portugal compared to many other European countries."

 Why did QueensLab decide to become a Strategic Partner to CLS? 

"Being an entrepreneurial-driven organization with high ambitions, striving to explore the unknown, one could perceive QueensLab as a bit too much. First of all, I want to say that we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our exceptional and serious deliveries, with returning clients, and a booming business. For us, membership in the CLS has been a no-brainer since day one in Portugal. Developing the relationship into a Strategic Partnership will strengthen our brand both nationally and internationally."

- Marcus Norquist, co-founder and CEO of the QueensLab subsidiary in Portugal. 

 The CLS is thrilled to introduce QueensLab as our latest Strategic Partner. A collaboration that will bring mutual synergies. 


Marcus Nordquist
CO-founder & CEO Portugal


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