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Welcome Rudholm portugal to the cls!

1 August 2023

Since 1951, Rudholm Group (RH) have grown from a family business, to a global leader, operating in 22 countries, producing garment accessories and sustainable packaging, offering state-of-the-art digital solutions and providing logistical services for the textile space.

Rudholm Group's new production hub in Valongo (Porto), Portugal, delivers a localized approach that brings you numerous benefits. Experience quicker lead times, lower prices, and reduced CO2 emissions as our production facility is in close proximity to your operations.

Being present in a country as Portugal with all the know-how, textile is a must for any player that wants to be global. Having our own production + strategic partners in the Portuguese market will allow Rudholm Group to be a worthy global supplier covering the whole textile “word”. Also, knowing many Swedish brands which have their textile production based in Portugal, we hope to align our synergies with them regarding sustainable production and manufacturing too.

Unlock the advantages of local production with Rudholm Group. Our advanced facilities enable us to provide seamless variable data solutions for labels, including care labels and stickers, all under one roof. By leveraging our in-house capabilities, we ensure superior quality, efficiency, and flexibility in meeting labelling needs. Experience the convenience and reliability of having variable data production and branding items handled by a single trusted partner. 


Additionally, we possess the expertise and resources to source and stock a wide range of branding items. Whether required custom branding elements or ready-made options, our extensive inventory and efficient supply chain management guarantee quick access to the products needed.

We collaborate with external suppliers to provide with a wide array of high-quality products, such as woven, printed, and screen-printed hang tags, stickers, boxes (rigid and flat-packed), paper bags (sustainable e-commerce and shopping bags), plastic bags, woven bags, metal labels, rubber labels, jacquard stripes, cords, elastic bands with jacquard, leather (both imitation and genuine), cork, heat transfers, buttons made of paper, horn (normal or recycled), metal, and corozo.

Considering the Swedish roots of Rudholm Group, it makes great sense for us to join the CLS community to further explore our synergies with the Chamber and its members, nevertheless when it comes to sustainable production and solutions which we are passionate about!”

Rudholm Portugal

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