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A very warm welcome to our new member Bridge in

27 March 2023

Do you want to expand and grow your business in the Portuguese market? Bridge In offers Employer of Record, Market Entry Consultancy, and Soft Landing Services to help you out. Get to know more about Bridge In below.

From us at the CLS - a very warm welcome, we are happy to have you on board!

BRIDGE IN is a Portuguese startup that helps foreign companies establish operations and recruit in the country. The company was founded in 2020, and has grown exponentially ever since, counting today with an international team of 16 people.

Our mission is to create and support decentralized organizations, where the traditional concept of a large HQ in main international cities is replaced by a structure organized in distributed hubs located in several geographies, allowing companies to be leaner and more flexible, in addition to diversifying their talent pool, diluting geopolitical risks and granting a sustainable company growth. We started operations in 2020, offering Employer of Record, Market Entry Consultancy and Soft Landing services in Portugal and, after a few iterations, we consolidated our services as follows, focusing on Portugal:

Employer of Record: with fully owned local operations, we offer a compliant employment solution for foreign companies that want to hire talent in Portugal. The EOR acts as the employer on behalf of the client company, taking on the responsibilities of payroll, benefits, and taxes with 100% compliance and 0% risks on the final client side.

Payroll Processing: we take care of all HR-related matters for both resident and non-resident companies. 

Company Incorporation and Company-As-A-Service: We take care of everything a company needs to create a subsidiary or a branch in Portugal. Once the local legal entity is up and running, BRIDGE IN still supports its clients by acting as their Country Manager in Portugal, running all the operations needed to manage a local company.

Please reach out to our team for information on how to get started in Portugal, or even just to grab coffee!

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Bridge In
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