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27 August 2021

The CLS is happy to yet again be part of the SCI Day held on August 26 between all Swedish Chambers of commerce part of this dynamic organization. Highlights were shared between countries on hands-on strategies and adaption throughout yet another year when the pandemic has made the business landscape more digital and creative across the world. 

The yearly SCI Day was carried out digitally this year due to the pandemic. SCI has today 29 members that represents Swedish Chambers of Commerce all around the world. From CLS, Chairwoman Jennifer Ekström and Secretary General Roya Moghaddas participated.

Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, CEO, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, started the meeting by summarize the past year and giving an update on the current state of the Chambers work in the context of a global pandemic. What all Chambers have had in common is a proactive approach and supporting our members in the best way possible. It has become even more relevant to implement a sustainable mindset where for example regional partnership and “thinking outside the box” mentality has been successful and generated positive outcomes for the members. Generating quality work rather than quantity was clearly a key to successfully supporting members as well. Hatzigeorgiou emphasized that thinking creatively and “rolling up our sleeves” – mentality has contributed to Chambers around the world have continuously been able to carry out great support for their members.

Jonas Lindstrom, President of the Swedish Chambers in Brazil, briefed about this year’s Business Climate Survey which is made in collaboration with Swedish Embassies and Business Sweden. The Survey “Take on the Challenge” will be released 1th of September. The focus areas in the survey are the following:

  • Economic Outlook
  • Market Characteristics
  • Company Characteristics
  • Sustainability


We are glad to see that we share strategies and look forward to deepening our pan-regional collaborations in areas we can foster together. Collaborating is key and generates a stronger outcome for our members.

From CLS we look forward to continuous collaboration cross-boarder and getting inspired by eachother!

SCI DAY 2021
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