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SEB - new member in cls

7 September 2021

CLS gives a warm welcome our latest member to the CLS community - SEB. SEB is a leading northern European financial services group with a history dating back to 1856. Since then, innovation, entrepreneurship, and an international perspective have been part of SEB’s DNA. SEB has been present in Luxembourg since the 1970s. Its international wealth management unit serves as the Group’s cross-border centre of excellence for wealth management for Nordic nationals living abroad – including Portugal.

Stefan Stjerngren, Head of International Private Banking Coverage at SEB in Luxembourg, knows what makes the difference for a Nordic individual leaving home to start a new life somewhere else.

“The key is to understand our customers’ specific needs, challenges, and opportunities when they move and live abroad, and to support with solutions that fit each situation,” Stefan says.

“Having built up our cross-border expertise over years of experience has enabled us always to take a holistic approach, no matter our customers’ situation or financial ambitions or where they are in life. Moreover, having somebody who speaks your language and understands your background can be comforting when you face an unfamiliar situation in a foreign country.”

SEB offers a wide range of wealth management services developed for international needs. Customers get direct access to specialists who support all questions related to moving and living abroad, or moving home, be it to and from Portugal or another country.

“Whether you want to build a diversified investment portfolio, receive our best investment recommendations, or further develop your investment ideas – our investment service is tailored to your individual needs,” Stefan says.

“Via our insurance company SEB Life, we also offer exciting insurance solutions specifically developed for residents of Portugal.”

Stefan Stjerngren - SEB private banking

Mortgage financing is another important banking service that SEB in Luxembourg can provide to customers resident in Portugal. The offering includes mortgage loans for residential properties near Lisbon with special focus on Estoril and Cascais as well as other prime locations along the Algarve coast. In addition to Portugal, SEB can offer mortgage financing in France, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Stefan concludes:

“Staying close to our customers, in good times and bad, is a top priority for us. Our customers can participate in networking meetings and knowledge events with SEB experts, external speakers, and analysts. Our digital events are highly appreciated and became even more crucial as a tool for us to stay close to our customers during the pandemic”.

Are you planning to move to Portugal, or maybe you are already there? Interested in knowing more about SEB’s offering and how we can adapt it for your individual needs? We look forward to hearing from you!

SEB Private Banking

Stefan Stjerngren
Phone: +352 2623 2204



SEB private banking Portugal
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