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time to let our trainee Sofie, move on to her future adventures - thank you for your excellent contribution!

5 July 2021

Sofie Jacobsson, trainee at CLS during spring 2021, has been a vital part of CLS organisation this year, when we continue in a mostly digital format supporting our community as the gateway and networking hub we are for Swedish and Portuguese business relations. Sofie is now leaving for a new continent and shares her experience with CLS community. 

I was a trainee at CLS from January to June this year as part of the last semester of my master degree in Political Science at the Swedish Defense University in Stockholm. I applied for a traineeship at CLS as I am interested in an international career and saw this as an opportunity to acquire work experience in an international workplace and to elevate my Portuguese skills in a professional setting. 

I have learnt so much during my traineeship at CLS and I am so happy for the warm welcome that I received from the team and the community. I am particularly grateful for the close cooperation that I have had with the Secretary-General Roya Moghaddas, who was always happy, helpful and determined that I would make the most out of my traineeship. It was, of course, unfortunate that the traineeship had to be conducted remotely and that all events were held digitally due to the pandemic as I would have preferred to interact with the network face to face. But as I’ve learnt during the traineeship, adaptability is a virtue and I am nonetheless very happy to have met so many of you virtually. 

The role and influence of CLS has become more clear to me during the course of the traineeship. CLS is a key part of Team Sweden in Portugal and therefore has an important role in facilitating trade between Sweden and Portugal. It has also become more clear to me how enhanced trade relations can improve bilateral cooperation and further deepen synergies. 

Portugal has a special place in my heart after living here for almost one year. I can’t wait to go back to Portugal soon again - but now new adventures awaits!

/Sofie Jacobsson

From the Board of CLS and our Secretary General, we deeply thank Sofie for her commitment, positive spirit and the impeccable work she has done for our organisation during this spring. We wish Sofie all the best for her future career and she has our warmest recommendations!

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