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Spend your holiday with Mancini Properties in Algarve - 25 % off for for CLS Community

17 June 2020

Mancini Properties’ ”home” and the main office is in Algarve. Being a Portuguese renting company with Scandinavian management, we receive guests from all over the world who wishes to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Algarve. Our guests appreciate the Swedish touch in the many accommodations we have to offer. From 2020, we have directed our renting towards people already living in Portugal.

Many of us will spend the vacation in Portugal during 2020 and frankly, there are few places better than Portugal for the purpose of vacationing. Algarve has some of the most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and award-winning beaches in the world. In just the Algarve, there are as many as 160 beaches and we have more or less visited them all. Nature here is ideal for outdoor activities and with more than 300 sunny days per year, a shortage of good weather is rarely an issue. To take part in some of our own incredible adventures and experiences, while exploring Portugal (link).

We love taking care of our guests and see them as an extension of our family. That is why customer service and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance for us. Except for our qualitative accommodations, we will also introduce you to the gems of Algarve, the places that do not exist in guide books or Tripadvisor, the hidden cafés and restaurants that have been in the family for generations, the markets where you can buy fish, seafood, fruits, and vegetables caught only a couple of hours ago and last but not least, the activities and events that Algarve has to offer.

Mancini Properties has a strong Swedish connection in the management of the company and we want to invite and welcome CLS-members and their families/friends, by giving them the opportunity to experience all of this and much more, in one of our accommodations. The accommodations are located in Quarteira, Vilamoura, and Loulé, Algarve. The discount at the time of booking will be 25%.

The booking can be easily done at the Mancini Properties Website. Please use the code Mancini25 to receive the discount. The code will be valid throughout 2020 and our calendar will show you which accommodations are available during different seasons.

Welcome to Algarve!

*Cleaning fee is not included. This offer does not apply to the houses of Vila Vita Parc.

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