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Behind the scenes of the sustainability initiative

4 September 2021

The CLS has started more than just preparations for the Sustainability Initiative to be launched during fall 2021. On August 23, CLS Secretary General and Chairwoman met with Universal Kraft in one of their upcoming sites in Alentejo to start the making of the promtional movies. Get to know more insights and work behind the scene of the initiative that is being co-created between Team Sweden and our community. 

On a warm August day, CLS and a Volvo XC40 Hybrid went to the fields outside Chamusca in Ulme to meet with Universal Kraft, Daniela Martins and her team to put in action some of the creative videos for our Sustainability Initiative 2021. 

This behind the scenes work is part of our focus area in Renewable Energy where both Sweden and Portugal share and emphasise ambitious climate goals, strong support for innovation and are today in the forefront of the sustainable development agenda.

In CLS community, we today have members like Universal Kraft, Ocean Tech Hub, Wakaru and so many more, who are sharing their important and highly innovative work.

Universal Kraft - Micael and Daniela

With the support of Universal Kraft we are creating one of our films to shrae the innovative work they and other members are creating in the area of renewable energies, at this stage with emphasis on solar energy and the creation of large solar plants in sunny Portugal. 

Sustainability, transparency and a reduced ecological footprint, are well established key words when speaking about Swedish values and even printed in the Swedish Foreign Policy.

Portugal on the other hand, is being recognized showing a long and profound history of excellent craftmanship, natural resources and has recently climbed to amongst the top of the list of countries with eco-friendly policies.

Will you do as Universal Kraft, Volvo, Astra Zeneca and other leading companies, join us in the journey to inspire and increase the Swedish-Portuguese collaboration in creating a more sustainable future?

Chairwoman Jennifer Ekström with Universal Kraft and Volvo XC40 Hybrid

the Sustainability initiative is executed in partnership with

the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce
Embassy of Sweden in Lisbon
Business Sweden Portugal
AICEP - the Portuguese trade & investment council
AstraZeneca Portugal
Ericsson Portugal
Penice Ocean Watch
Universal Kraft
 Volvo Cars Portugal
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