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Sweden invited country at techdays aveiro 2019

21 October 2019

2019, Sweden was elected co-host country by the Municipality of Aveiro for TECHDAYS as Sweden is seen as a country who are pioneering innovation and new technologies. This opportunity come at a great time as Swedish company Ericsson, in partnership with Altice Portugal is to make Aveiro the first 5G city in Portugal.

Bright Sunday at Techdays

During October 10-11, the Ambassador of Sweden to Portugal, together with CLS, participated in Techdays Aveiro to highlight Swedish innovation.

From the industry side, Ericsson Portugal held a keynote the implications of 5G for governance in smart cities and Mr. Anders Kjellander from Umeå 5G was part of the 5G debate on the 11th of October.

Showcasing their brands as leading Swedish innovative companies were Atlas Copco and Bright Sunday.


Atlas Copco at Techdays Aveiro 2019

During the fair, our showcase was visited by the Mayor of Aveiro, Mr. Jose Ribau, CEO of Altice Portugal, Mr. Alexandre Fonseca, University of Aveiro and TICE, who all met with both Atlas Copco and Bright Sunday. This was a great opportunity to demonstrate the variety of Swedish industry in Portugal, as both one of our oldest and newest members could discuss how their business provides technical solutions for modern challenges.  


Ericsson 5G at Techdays

At TECHDAYS, Ericsson Portugal also demonstrated the power of 5G by letting eager participants bike in a tour while blindfolded, The fold was equipped with a camera which was connected to a 5G mast set up at the fair. As the mast sent back images to screens on the inside of the blindfold, participants could bike as safely as if they had open eyes.

The immense speed of 5G data processing indicates the transformative impact that this new technology will have on how we build the next generation of products and city management. We thank the city of Aveiro for setting up this year's edition of TECHDAYS and wish success on their partnership with Altice Portugal and Ericsson Portugal as they set out to make Aveiro the first 5G city in Portugal.


Showcasing Sweden during aveiro techdays 2019

Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce
Embassy of Sweden in Lisbon
Atlas Copco
Bright Sunday
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