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Team Sweden Digital Visit to meet the New CEO of Ericsson Portugal

24 September 2021

On September 16th, the CLS together with the Embassy of Sweden were invited to a Digital visit to Ericsson Portugal to meet the new CEO, Sofia Vaz Pires and to get insights on their Portuguese operations as well as how they successfully continuously work for a more connected, sustainable and equal environment in Portugal.

With an agenda filled with discussions upon Equality, Sustainability and 5G, the CLS Secretary General and Board Members, together with Ambassador Helena Pilsas and Counsellor Maria Linderyd from the Embassy of Sweden, were delighted to be visiting Ericsson and their new management. Led by Sofia Vaz Pires, CEO and accompanied by People Manager, Rute Diniz and Networks Manager, Luis Muchacho, Head of Digital Services, Nuno Roso and Account Director Pedro Gonçalves

Equality at Ericsson Portugal

Ericsson is in the forefront when speaking about Equality and has a thorough agenda and initiatives to lead the way for Women in tech. Awarded with a Diversity seal from the Portuguese association - APPDI - and striving for a more equal world, Ericsson contributes with a number of initiatives each year to promote a higher inclusion in their work place and towards their partners and customers.

Ericsson Portugal adapting to the c-19 landscape

Discussing the new reality and the adaptations that the c-19 pandemic brought, Ericsson shared that telecommunication has been very resilient and important part of local as well as global infrastructure.

From an internal perspective, remote work has been carried out and will continue until end of 2021. To facilitate for all the people, the company has provided the employees full access to IT, furniture, home work accident insurances and improved health insurance.


Ericsson Portugal working towards a sustainable future

One of the key pillars for Ericsson´s strategy is working towards a more sustainable future where we got a deeper insight of the key highlights that had been carried out so far and shown in their 2020 report. 


And ending the discussion, we could not leave without getting some additional insights upon how Ericsson is driving the 5G introduction in Portugal. 5G will provide higher speed, more devices connected and quick response time for all the society. Adding to this, below some of the main key takeaways from how Ericsson is positioning itself in the development of this new way of ICT infrastructure

  • Enhanced mobile broadband (first case use)
  • Massive MTC; low cost, low energy, small data volumes massive numbers: smart agriculture, logistics, fleet management, tracking.
  • Critical MTC: ultra-reliable very low latency very high availability: remote surgery/ remote manufacturing/traffic safety & control/ remote training.

With the aim that 5G will be implemented in Portugal 2022 soon, with joined forces and following ethical guidelines, we hope for Ericsson to continue their successful journey and bring the Portuguese society to the next level!

The CLS thanks Ericsson for a highly interesting visit with many new learnings and insight to build an even more connected future!


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