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Team Sweden's virtual visit to Securitas Portugal

22 April 2020

As part of the Team Sweden focus on the Swedish industry in Portugal, the Ambassador of Sweden to Portugal, the Deputy Head of Mission, together with the CLS President and Secretary-General, were invited to a virtual meeting with the new Country President of Securitas Portugal to learn more about their operations in Portugal, and how they manage the current COVID-19 pandemic.

On the 16th of April, the Embassy of Sweden in Portugal and the CLS were invited to participate in a virtual meeting with the new Country President of Securitas Portugal, Rui Araujo.

Securitas Portugal is the largest Swedish subsidiary in Portugal in terms of workforce, employing more than 6000 people nationwide. Since their market entry in the late 60s, operations have grown and they are now one of the leading private security companies on the Portuguese market. Currently, operations cover the majority of the airports and numerous retailers, office buildings, and public spaces throughout Portugal.

What makes Securitas stand out, is a company policy with a focus on an attitude of professionalism and responsibility. This is embodied by their mottos: integrity, surveillance, and service. During our meeting Rui Araujo explained that in Securitas they do not separate between the employees and the company; the employees are the company. Being concerned with safety, Securitas is in the process of safeguarding the health of its many colleagues during the pandemic. 

Securitas is adapting their everyday work for increased safety of its employees through a series of measures, including;

  • the option of teleworking to 60 % of their administrative staff, 
  • temporary layoffs to 400 of their employees, and 
  • increased safety material to those still in service. 

By protecting the jobs of the employees in the company, Securitas aims to secure its business when the economy opens again. To ensure effective measures, they monitor the situation and coordinate within the regional group on a weekly base.

When asked about what changes COVID-19 could bring to the security market, Rui Araujo said there is a need and wish for increased technology and innovation within the security sector. He expects a future where security staff can be further supported by technology in their everyday work in the preventative processes. As he put it: Technology to detect and humans to act. 

Team Swedens virtual visit at Securitas Portugal

Many thanks to Securitas for this virtual visit! It is inspiring to see how you keep, not only Portugal but also your staff safe in these uncertain times.

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