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6 May 2024

We are glad to introduce our latest member to join the CLS community Tiago Lobo Films. A passionate Swedish/Portuguese film producer, with high ambitions to help the CLS community reach the next level of content creation. We met up with Tiago Lobo to hear more about him and his company.

Tiago Lobo is a Swedish/Portuguese filmmaker with 8 years of experience across documentary, fashion, artistic, commercial, and institutional films.

Born in Stockholm, to a Swedish mother and a Portuguese father and brought up in Lisbon, he lived in several countries like the US, Spain, Italy, Australia, and France, to finally get settled in Portugal but never forgetting his Swedish roots where a big part of the family still lives.

He has always had a curious mind about exploring the human condition and trying to know more about what it means to be human in this existence. Being simultaneously creative and tech-oriented and balancing deeper philosophical questions with more analytical and grounding practices he studied engineering and business management and made a corporate career in the IT sector, as well as the fashion industry. 

How could one combine creativity with rationality, a bit of philosophy, and a touch of tech? The answer goes back to filmmaking.

“It’s a window where one can create realities, express thoughts, ideas and convey messages of transformation.”

In his view with the current state of the world, there is no running away from taking responsibility for ensuring a better world for the next generations to come. Working towards a more sustainable world with positive social impact, and integrating ethically applied AI tools can really make a difference. Tiago believes that collaborating and creating awareness for projects within this positive framework will make a difference for future generations.

“I look forward to collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations to collectively create a more sustainable and resilient future. We need more social impact with less environmental footprint”

In practical terms, his approach to each project is unique and driven with enthusiasm, creativity, and attention to detail ensuring that the client’s vision is brought to life. Teams are assembled to be the most efficient for the project, ensuring that the whole process, from concept to final result is done in the most sustainable and socially positive way.

“With each new project, we are reminded of the transformative power of audiovisual content and the profound impact it can have on individuals and communities alike.”   

This approach to filmmaking goes beyond storytelling—it's about driving positive change in the world.

“With my work, I aspire to inspire, help educate, and convey transformative messages."

Once again we warmly welcome Tiago Lobo Films to the CLS community! 

Get a glimpse of Tiago's work!